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Mets Demote Robert Carson, Bring Up Jack Egbert

The Mets announced on their Twitter feed Friday that they have demoted Robert Carson and have brought up Jack Egbert to replace him in the bullpen.

Jack Egbert

Carson pitched in Thursday night’s loss to the Padres, allowing two runs in two innings. In his only other appearance he threw a shutout inning last week in Toronto.

Egbert is a local product — born on Staten Island, raised in New Jersey and a graduate of Rutgers. The 29-year-old is pitching well in Buffalo. In 17 games he’s thrown 26 innings, striking out 17 batters and walking only five, with an ERA of 2.08.

The move leaves Tim Byrdak once again as the only lefty in the bullpen. It also leaves the awful Manny Acosta and his 10.80 ERA in the bullpen. Why not just release this guy and go with the youngsters? They can’t be any worse.

4 thoughts on “Mets Demote Robert Carson, Bring Up Jack Egbert

  • i think acosta is slowly turning into the long reliever now. gary cohen always mentions how he looks more comfortable in those lower pressure situations, like when he was mopping up for jon niese in toronto

  • i think that’s how the mets see him at this point and plan on using him going forward. which isn’t the worst solution i guess. definitely not desirable though

  • Mark Berman

    It’s pretty ridiculous, really. If you have a guy in your bullpen who you don’t trust in tight situations, then he shouldn’t be on the team at all.

  • What don’t you guys understand? Someone has to room with Armando’s little brother!

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