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Jonathon Niese to have Minor Heart Procedure

Jonathon Niese, who was pulled from Sunday night’s game with a rapid heartbeat, expects to have a minor heart procedure performed during the All-Star break.

Jonathon Niese to have minor heart surgery
Jonathon Niese to have minor heart procedure reports Niese was examined on Monday and while nothing major was found, Niese said a minor procedure will be necessary to correct a heartbeat which sometimes becomes irregular.

“It’s an ‘ablation,’ they call it,” Niese said. “They go inside the heart and they crimp something of some sort — like the cause of it. It’s like an outpatient thing that they do that it only takes like three days to recover from after that. So that’s why I think we might be doing it All-Star break. That way I don’t miss any starts.”

Niese had the same issue during a game last year and tests found nothing serious. He underwent similar testings this time around.

“Down the road I’ll probably get something done to stop it all,” Niese said. “But for right now it’s nothing serious.”

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