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Jason Bay Calls in Sick

Oh Jason Bay, where art thou? The man shaping up to being one of the worst free agent signings in the history of Western civilization was supposed to be back in the starting lineup Thursday afternoon for the first time since late April, but he’s been scratched because of flu-like symptoms.

Jason Bay looks for help from above
Jason Bay looks for help from above

Bay was slated to return Tuesday, but the illness prevented it. He was active for last night’s game but was held out, and now this. Will Bay ever play for the Mets again?

Of course he will, probably Friday against the Yankees. But still, it’s one thing after another with this guy. If it’s not a concussion without even hitting his head, it’s back problems or oblique issues or rib fractures that are keeping him out of the lineup.

As frustrating as it is for him, it is equally maddening for Mets fans. We’re all counting on Bay and he fails repeatedly, and now he can’t even get onto the field.

One positive from all of this — it makes his $17 million 2014 option much harder to automatically vest. The Mets cannot allow that to happen.

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