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Incredible: Mets Still Mishandling Injuries

Here is what Terry Collins said this week about Ruben Tejada, who has been out since May 7 with a right quad strain:

New Mets logo?
New Mets logo?

“It just hasn’t gotten better. Maybe it was worse than we thought in the beginning.”

How often have we heard that over the past few years? Ronny Cedeno’s calf? Ike Davis’s ankle? David Wright’s back? Jason Bay’s head? Jose Reyes’s leg? Ryan Church’s head?

The Mets incredibly continue to misdiagnose injuries right after they happen. I don’t know if you know this about me, but I am not a doctor, so I can only wonder if there is an immediate course of treatment that could take place right after certain injuries that could speed the healing process, a course of treatment the Mets are obviously missing because of missed diagnoses. Perhaps these injuries get worse because they are not properly treated when they are fresh.

Albert Pujols fractured his forearm last season and was back in two weeks. Maybe it was because it was diagnosed right away and he was given the proper care? You know if he were on the Mets that would have been a six-week DL visit.

The Mets keep talking about changing the team culture when it comes to injuries — “Prevention and Recovery” was the slogan in 2010. Well, it’s nearly impossible to prevent injuries, but once they happen they must be diagnosed and treated before recovery can take place. And the Mets just don’t see to know how to do that.

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