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3 Months In, Mets Getting Better

Well, it’s July 1, time for another monthly update on the New York Mets.

June's greatest moment -- Johan Santana's no-hitter
June's greatest moment -- Johan Santana's no-hitter

On May 1, the Mets were three games over .500 and a game and a half out of first place.

On June 1, they were five games over .500 and the same game and a half off the pace.

Today the Mets stand at seven games over .500 and two and a half games out of first.

So the Mets continue to make steady progress and with half the season gone, they are in much better shape than everyone thought they would be at this point in the season. They are among three teams in a virtual tie for the two Wild Card spots.

It certainly was one of the most memorable months in Mets history. It started out with Johan Santana throwing the franchise’s first no-hitter, of course. And we won’t soon forget R.A. Dickey’s incredible run, highlighted by his back-to-back one-hitters.

The month saw Ike Davis break out his season-long slump. He raised his average from a low of .158 to .203. He also hit six home runs and had 24 RBIs.

It was also kind of a weird month. They opened June with three straight wins, then they lost three, won one, lost three, won three, lost three, won four, lost four and ended the month by winning four. The Mets will have to stop being so streaky if they hope to make a serious run at the division and the Wild Card.

But overall, every Mets fan has to be pleased with the first half of the season. Things only get tougher from here, but the Mets have proven they are up to the challenge.

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