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Mets Finally Recall Pedro Beato

With all of their bullpen problems, for some reason the Mets have let Pedro Beato languish in the minors for nearly a month. But no more — he was finally recalled to the majors after the July 4 loss to the Phillies, the team announced on Twitter.

Mets recall Pedro Beato
Mets recall Pedro Beato

To make room the Mets sent Jeremy Hefner down. Hefner let up three runs in Wednesday’s game, leaving him with a 5.64 ERA in 11 games, including three starts.

Beato, on the other hand, has a 1.12 ERA in 16 appearances in Buffalo.

Beato got off to a solid start last year but as the season wore on. He was a Rule 5 guy then and probably would have benefited from spending last season in the minors, but the Mets rightly did not want to lose him.

Hopefully Beato can come in and pitch effectively — something not often seen from the Mets relievers.

By the way, before the game the Mets dumped Justin Hampson, so it appears changes are in the works for the bullpen.

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  • i was at the game today 7/4 and the pen was horrendous. but another thing with chris young, he seems to have chris capuano syndrome (hitting a certain inning and then fading). for cap last year it was the 6th, for young this year it’s the 7th. i’m really pulling for him too because he’s been consistent but then collins leaves him in just a bit too long each time

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