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Chris Schwinden’s Long Strange Journey Back to Mets

The Mets announced on Twitter on Thursday that they have claimed Chris Schwinden off of waivers. Yes, this is the same Chris Schwinden whom they placed on waivers just a month ago, and who has been the property of three teams before returning to the fold.

Chris Schwinden back with Mets
Chris Schwinden back with Mets

Let’s recap Schwinden’s less than excellent adventure. On June 1 the Mets put him on waivers after compiling a 12.46 ERA in three games with the Mets.

A day later he was claimed by the Blue Jays. Schwinden pitched all of one game with Toronto’s Triple-A affiliate in Las Vegas. He lasted three innings, allowing eight runs. Oh, one of them was unearned. The Jays cut him loose.

On June 6 the Indians picked him up. He lasted a little longer in the minors for them, going 1-2 in three starts with a 5.87 ERA before getting the heave-ho.

On June 29 the suddenly pitching-hungry Yankees decided to give Schwinden a try. He started one game down in Scranton, going four innings in a losing cause, allowing four runs (again, one unearned). So long, Chris.

And today the Mets decided to give him another shot.

It’s weird; obviously these teams must have seen something they liked in Schwinden to even claim him off waivers in the first place. Then to give up on him so soon, in two of the cases after just one poor outing? Maybe upon closer inspection they didn’t like what they saw after all.

In any case, now he’s back in Buffalo, where I suspect he’ll spend the rest of the season.

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