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Elvin Ramirez to Mets; Who Goes?

The Mets announced on Twitter Saturday night that Elvin Ramirez will be brought up in time for Sunday’s game against the Dodgers. Who will disappear to take his place? Unknown at this time.

Elvin Ramirez being promoted to Mets
Elvin Ramirez promoted to Mets

The obvious answer is Miguel Batista. He was hammered in his start on Saturday and at age 93, is not part of the Mets future. However the actual future was also hit hard on Saturday. Matt Harvey allowed six runs in five innings, including two home runs. This could unfortunately extend Batista’s time with the Mets.

There is also speculation that Kirk Nieuwenhuis could be sent down. Yes, Nieuwenhuis is not hitting like he did earlier in the season, but it would be a shame if he loses his roster spot so someone like Batista can stick around.

Honestly, if it comes down to Nieuwenhuis, I would just as soon release Andres Torres instead. Torres has been playing well of late, but he is still hitting only .222 on the season, and for all of the vaunted speed he was supposed to bring to the team, he only has nine stolen bases. Torres will obviously not be with the team in 2013 while Nieuwenhuis likely will. But this will never happen because the Mets have $2.7 million invested in Torres.

By the way, the team optimistically touted on Twitter that “Elvin Ramirez was 3-1 with two saves and a 1.99 ERA in 29 minor league games this season.” They neglected to say that in his brief stop in the majors last month, Ramirez allowed seven runs in seven innings for a nice round ERA of nine, and allowed 11 hits and walked eight batters.

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