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Expect Quiet Trade Deadline for Mets

The non-waiver trade deadline is set for 4pm on Tuesday, July 31, and don’t expect to hear the Mets name being called out — they will likely not be either buyers nor sellers. It should be a quiet day for our favorite team, and that’s just the way Sandy Alderson wants it.

mets trade deadline buy sell tradeBefore the All-Star break there was speculation that Alderson would strengthen the bullpen or even add a catcher. A 3-13 record since then has quelled that talk. I’m sure Alderson is not happy with the record, but I suspect he is pleased that he does not have to deviate from his plans, which did not include contending this season and having to make any big trades at the deadline.

There have been reports that teams have inquired about Scott Hairston and Tim Byrdak. They will likely stay put because the Mets still have two more months to play and they are relatively important members of the team. Plus they would not bring back anything substantial in return.

The search for a catcher, a new bullpen, and a right handed power hitting outfielder will have to wait until the off-season as the Mets limp towards the finish of the 2012 schedule.

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