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Sandy Alderson: Jason Bay isn’t Going Anywhere

Sandy Alderson has dashed the hopes of Mets fans who pray that the team will simply release Jason Bay right now and end his miserable Mets career.

Jason Bay will be a Met for a while longer
Jason Bay will be a Met for a while longer

“Certainly, there are times when it is appropriate to eat a contract,” Alderson told on Tuesday. “There are other times when it is not. Jason Bay is not going anywhere, nor is his contract.”

But Bay is going somewhere — to the bench, part of the time, at least. Terry Collins said Bay is going to be platooned, playing only against left-handed pitching.

“We are going to, depending on who is on the mound, make some adjustments out there,” Collins said. “We have to get our left-handed bats in the lineup. Those guys have given us some good opportunities to win some games. I want to make sure they get out there. It will depend on matchups.”

This is probably for the best, although it will anger Mets fans who just want to be done with Bay altogether.

But there could be hope — Alderson, who doesn’t like to make definitive statements, as usual hedged his decision.

“That is our position now, nothing is 100% certainty in baseball,” Alderson said. “You know that.”

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