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Why is Manny Acosta on the Team?

Here’s a good idea — after banishing a pitcher and his 11.86 ERA to the minor leagues where he belongs, let’s bring him back up to the majors. Pretty stupid, right? Well, that’s what Sandy Alderson did with Manny Acosta, and it cost the Mets a game on Tuesday.


Entering a scoreless game in the bottom of the ninth, Acosta allowed a walk and a single before Terry Collins pulled him from the game. Josh Edgin then allowed a three run homer for the loss, but Acosta was the one who got the team in trouble in the first place.

Explain to me again why he is on the team?

Granted, Acosta has pitched reasonably well since his return on July 24, appearing in nine games and only allowing runs in two of them. It should be noted that eight of the games in which he appeared have been losses. He has rarely been called upon in pressure situations. When he finally was, he failed miserably.

There really is no reason for him to be on the roster. He will not be on the team next season. I’d much rather give someone a chance who might be part of the Mets future. Manny Acosta is clearly part of a forgettable past.

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