Video: Tom Seaver on Kiner’s Korner in 1983

Tom Seaver returned to the Mets for the 1983 season. He would be lost following the season after the Mets failed to protect him and the White Sox selected him from the free agent compensation pool. The Mets apparently didn’t think anyone would take a 39-year-old pitcher, so they didn’t bother to protect him. When it became clear that Chicago would take him, the Mets offered other players, but the Sox were intent on taking Seaver.

Seaver pitched well for Chicago, going 33-28 with a 3.67 ERA over two and a half seasons. He also won his 300th game in a White Sox uniform.

In any case, this is just a long way of introducing video of Tom Seaver appearing on Kiner’s Korner after his first game back with the Mets:

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