Mets Being Smart with David Wright & R.A. Dickey

It looks like the Mets are being smart in their pending contract negotiations with David Wright and R.A. Dickey. Jon Heyman of reports that the Mets will start in the $100 million neighborhood for Wright while trying to limit Dickey’s contract to two years.

david wright
R.A. Dickey & David Wright — teammates for years to come?

First Wright — I’ve said all long that the Mets should only sign Wright to a six-year deal at around $108 million (or a five-year extension at $90 million if it is added to his 2013 $16 million option). That’s $18 million per year, which is very fair for a player of David Wright’s caliber. It would also take him through his 35th birthday, and I wouldn’t want to sign any player past that age for big money.

Which naturally leads us to Dickey, who will turn 38 this month. Heyman writes that since Dickey throws his knuckleball hard, the Mets are concerned that he may not last into his mid-40s like Phil Niekro and Charlie Hough. That’s why they are looking at two years, likely as an extension to his bargain $5 million 2013 option.

Heyman’s source for this report  is “people familiar with the team’s thinking,” so who knows where it came from. But if it is true, I like the Mets approach to these negotiations.

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