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Report: Mets Planning on 70-Win Season

There was a very disturbing little tidbit buried in an Andy Martino article in the Daily News earlier this week:

Even Mr. Met is upset by this nonsense.

Privately, the front office projects its team to win around 70 games in 2013, according to a source present in a September meeting at which general manager Sandy Alderson articulated this view.

This stunning statement has thus far flown under the radar, but it is time to bring it to light. If Alderson really thinks the Mets are only capable of winning 70 games next season and he doesn’t do anything to improve the team, then he deserves to be fired.

Think about it — Alderson’s job is to make the team better. If he believes the team is terrible (and 70 wins would be terrible), then he is obligated to do something about it. If he stands relatively pat like he did the past two off seasons, then Alderson is just stealing his salary and deceiving the fan base.

Alderson has not denied the report; it is unknown if he has even been asked about it. But if it is true, then whenever Alderson talks about the Mets being competitive, he is just lying.

Mets fans have been through a lot over the past few seasons — two epic collapses, ownership bilked out of  hundreds of millions of dollars and won’t spend on players and plenty of losing. They don’t deserve to have a general manager who is constantly lying to them about the team’s outlook.

Mets fans are notoriously loyal, but behavior like this could push even the most die-hard fans away.

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