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David Wright Contract Update

The reports have been coming in fast and furious over the past couple of days about David Wright’s contract negotiations with the Mets. This can only be good news, as it means the Mets are actually attempting to negotiate a deal with Wright, not like that free agent last year who is now hunkering down in Toronto.

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David Wright close to a new contract?

The talk from various sources is that the Mets initially offered Wright six-years, $100 million, the same money fellow third basemen Ryan Zimmerman and Evan Longoria got. After Wright was “put off” by that measly offer according to the Daily News, the club quickly added a seventh year. The offer is now said to be worth anywhere from $119 million to$129 million. Mybet is that a deal gets done sooner rather than later.

That’s because when you add in the $16 million he is owed in 2013, the entire deal would likely surpass Johan Santana’s $137.5 million contract, making it the richest in Mets history. Sources say this is important to Wright and his agents — probably more to his agents, who are trying to rebuild their reputation after the Melky Cabrera fiasco.

There could be a hold-up, however. The New York Post reports that the two sides are bickering over deferred money. This is crucial because it could reduce the amount of the contract in present-day dollars. It would be surprising if this scuttled the entire deal if everything else can be agreed upon.

Another problem appears to be the fact that we know any of this. Wright told MLB Trade Rumors that he is unhappy with the “inaccurate” reports, saying he wanted to keep the negotiations private.

“I have said from Day 1 that I want to play my entire career with the New York Mets. I remain hopeful that goal can be achieved. However, I am disappointed by the reports that I have read (Tuesday) which are inaccurate,” said Wright.

Unless David Wright is lying, which is unlikely, then the Mets have been talking to the media. Hopefully it won’t be enough to sour Wright on re-signing with the team.

In any case, a seven-year extension would mean Wright would be 37 in the final year of the contract. I would prefer not to sign any player (except for the elite of the elite) past age 35 or 36, but I would make an exception to get this done. Paying an extra year at the end is worth having David Wright spend his entire career with the Mets.

One thought on “David Wright Contract Update

  • Let me just state that before I comment-I am a staunch Mets fan and have been since I can remember. I even have Jerry Buchek’s autograph!

    That being said: I’m tired of losing. The only way this team will improve will be if they TRADE David Wright. Trading Wright will allow them to hopefully fill several of the needs they have. This is a prime time to sell high. He is coming off a solid year and is signed for another. I’m sure there are teams out there who will be interested in him.

    Does anyone think that he will have a year better than the one he just put up?? Do the Mets want to be saddled with another huge salary for an aging player who I believe has had his best years?!

    Fan politics and emotion aside, they need to look ahead.The Mets won all of 73 games last year with an All-Star 3Baseman in Wright and the NLs CY Young Winner. Think about that. I think this team is very capable of winning 70ish games with or without David Wright next year.

    The team needs to get into the 90s. David Wright cannot do this by himself. He is a very good player. He is not a superstar. Trade now and move forward.

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