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Mets Non-Tender Pelfrey, Torres, Acosta

The Mets on Friday officially non-tendered Mike Pelfrey, Andres Torres and Manny Acosta. But in typical Mets fashion, it doesn’t mean we have seen the last of these sub-par players in Mets uniforms.

We’ve seen enough of Mike Pelfrey on the mound at Citi Field!

There are reports that the Mets might offer Pelfrey a contract so he can continue his rehab with the team and provide depth for the starting rotation. I can sort of understand– no, I can’t. Despite a couple of good years, Pelfrey has been a severe disappointment. It is time to just cut him loose and move on.

Even more shocking, there are reports that the Mets might bring back Torres on the cheap. Torres is useless, the worst player on the Mets in 2012, and that includes Jason Bay. Torres provided nothing — he couldn’t hit, he couldn’t steal bases, he wasn’t even that good defensively. Why bring him back? Because he won’t cost much? There are plenty of players out there who would be better signings at similar money.

As far as Acosta, he was just as bad as Torres. Yes, he had a strong finish, but he was so inept early in the season that he was banished to Buffalo. Fortunately there is no talk of bringing him back.

Non-tendering these guys was a good move by Sandy Alderson. Let’s hope he doesn’t ruin it by re-signing any of them.

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