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R.A. Dickey Update: Royals Out, Dodgers In?

Courtesy of Mets Blog, an update Tuesday evening on the trade talks surroundingR.A. Dickey — it appears the Royals may be out of the running, but the free-spending Dodgers are injecting themselves into the conversation.

r.a. dickey
Where will R.A. Dickey wind up in 2013?

According to a tweet from Kansas City Star reporter Bob Dutton, the Dickey trade talks are “dead” as long as the Mets insist on getting super prospect Wil Myers in return for the Cy Young award winner. That’s just fine with me. If the Mets are going to deal Dickey, they must get a guy like Myers in return. If not, the Mets would be better off just holding onto him.

Which segues perfectly into a report from John Harper of the Daily News, who claims the Mets could get shortstop Dee Gordon and top pitching prospect Zach Lee in exchange for Dickey. This trade doesn’t make much sense from the Mets point of view. They already have a promising young shortstop in Ruben Tejada, and the Mets already have plenty of young pitchers. Unless the Mets can get a third team involved to give the Mets the “difference maker” outfielder or catcher they so desperately need, the Mets should look elsewhere for a deal for R.A. Dickey.

As far as contract negotiations, there are differing reports regarding how much Dickey wants. ESPN’s Jim Bowden claims Dickey wants to throw out his $5 million contract for 2013 and sign a three-year, $45 million deal. However Andy Martino of the Daily News says Dickey just wants a two-year extension for around $29 million.

Let’s hope the R.A. Dickey situation gets resolved one way or the other so we can stop paying attention to all of these “reports.”

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