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Reports: Mariners to Sign Jason Bay

Remember Jason Bay? That guy who “played” for the Mets who was so bad the Mets paid him $21 million to go away? Well, while unemployment hovers around 9% in the United States and very qualified people cannot get work, Bay has managed to find another job.

jason bay
Jason Bay is now Seattle’s problem.

Andy Martino of the Daily News tweets that Jason Bay will sign with the Mariners, pending a physical.

The worst part about this is that the Mets won’t even save any money. Usually when a player is released in the middle of a contract, another team will only pay the player the major league minimum, with that amount deducted from what the original team owes him.

But the Mets basically forfeited that right in their “separation agreement” with Bay. In exchange, they deferred some of his money, giving the Mets some payroll flexibility in 2013. So at least the Mets get something.

It will be interesting to see how Bay fares in Safeco Field, a park as big as Citi Field. The Mariners are moving in the walls for 2013, but that didn’t help Bay in Flushing in 2012.

In any case, Jason Bay gets his money from the Mets and probably another couple of million from the Mariners, all for sucking. Only in America and MLB!

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