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Report: R.A. Dickey & Mets $10 Million Apart

Appearing live on the MLB Network Wednesday afternoon, CBS’s Jon Heyman said the Mets and R.A. Dickey are far apart in talks for an extension for the Cy Young award winner.

r.a. dickey
The R.A. Dickey saga goes on.

Heyman said his sources are saying the Mets have offered a two-year extension (on top of the $5 million he is owed for 2013) for $20 million. Dickey countered with two years, $30 million. That’s a pretty wide gulf.

I think whether he is traded or not, Dickey will get closer to the $10 million per year rather than the $15 million he wants. This is evidenced by the fact that teams are not beating down the Mets door to offer top prospects for Dickey. This shows how other teams value him — they wouldn’t mind having him for the right price, but they won’t overpay. For now it is in terms of players,  but that will likely extend to money when it comes time to sign him.

I predict that the Mets will not find an acceptable offer for R.A. Dickey and he will end up re-signing with the Mets for $11 million per year for two years. I think that is fair for both sides.

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