Mets Won’t Give Scott Hairston 2 Years

Multiple reports say the Mets are unwilling to give Scott Hairston a two-year deal. That is a smart move.

scott hairston
Scott Hairston will likely play elsewhere in 2013.

Buzz around the Winter Meetings in Nashville is that Hairston will probably wind up getting a two-year contract for upwards of $10  million. If that is the case, then good riddance.

Hairston is a perfectly adequate player who had a career year in 2012 with 20 home runs. But he is nothing more than a platoon player, and $5 million a year for such a player is a lot of money.

I think we’ve seen the best of Scott Hairston; there are probably better players out there with more upside that the Mets could get for a similar amount of money. Besides, what have the Mets won with Hairston¬†on the roster (not that the team’s struggles are his fault)? It’s just time to move on to someone else.

One thought on “Mets Won’t Give Scott Hairston 2 Years

  • December 6, 2012 at 5:54 am

    I agree. A good platoon guy who had a career year. He is also a HORRIBLE outfielder. Mets have some hard decisions to make regarding 2013. Still in dire need of outfield help. I don’t think Hairston is the answer.

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