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And the Mets Do… Nothing!

So Sandy Alderson leaves Nashville on Thursday with nothing, except for perhaps a couple of country music CDs. It was a waste of a trip for the Mets crew. But then again, it was a wasted trip for virtually every team, as no major moves were made in what might have been the most boring Winter Meetings ever.

Billy Preston could have been singing about the Mets off season thus far!

The Mets did formally sign David Wright, which gave them an excuse to hold a news conference, but the agreement happened before the meetings started.

Alderson apparently spoke to several teams about R.A. Dickey, but no one wants to give up any top prospects for a 38-year-old pitcher, albeit the latest Cy Young winner.

Jonathon Niese was also a topic of conversation, but fewer teams reportedly asked about him, probably because they know the Mets won’t deal him unless it is for the next Mike Trout or Giancarlo Stanton. And why would any team give up a player like that for anyone not named Trout or Stanton?

Instead, everyone, including the Mets, are waiting for Josh Hamilton and Zack Greinke to sign. Once that happens, the rest of the dominoes will fall.

So then perhaps the Mets can get into serious conversations about catchers or outfielders, their true needs. I am not very optimistic as far as backstop help, and that has nothing to do with Alderson’s suspect abilities as a general manager. There just aren’t many top-notch catchers in baseball, and the ones that are available are not particularly desirable. Hopefully the Mets can at least get someone who is good defensively. Watching the Mets catching corps stumble their way around behind the plate the past few seasons has been sad.

I have more hope for the outfield. I think Alderson can land someone who can make a difference. Now that Wright has cut his 2013 salary in half, the Mets have more money to spend. Let’s hope the Wilpons allow Alderson to spend it. And let’s hope he spends it wisely.

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