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R.A. Dickey to Play Elf; Means He’s Staying?

The  Mets made an earth-shattering announcement on Monday into which many media members are reading entirely too much — R.A. Dickey will play an elf at the team’s annual Christmas party for kids on Tuesday, which obviously means he will not be traded.

r.a. dickey
As I’ve written in the past, any excuse to use this photo!

Adam Rubin went so far as to write in his report:

Lending further to the accuracy of reporting that R.A. Dickey is likely to remain a Met, the knuckleballer has agreed to play an elf…

Rubin apparently has a short memory — Kris Benson played Santa Claus in 2005 and was traded a month later. Of course that had more to do with Anna Benson’s cleavage-bearing outfit than anything else. So if Dickey really wants to force his way out, he’ll borrow her low cut elf costume.

But all kidding and media criticism aside, if the Mets were absolutely, positively going to trade R.A. Dickey, it is unlikely that they would ask him to play such a prominent role in the festivities. The decision to ask him doesn’t really prove anything except that the Mets are still unsure what to do with him.

By the way, Ike Davis will be a fellow elf, serving Santa John Franco.

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