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Sheets & Garland Gone; What Now?

metsNews Tuesday that is distressing to Mets fans and the team’s starting rotation — Ben Sheets and Jon Garland signed with other teams. The A’s locked up Sheets for a guaranteed $10 million plus incentives, while Garland came to an agreement with the Padres for $4.25 million.

While I advocated signing both of them, I do think the Mets were smart not to go as high as $10 million for Sheets. That’s a lot of money for a guy who just missed a season because of injury. Of course, if he is indeed healthy, $10 million is a bargain. I would have taken a chance in the $5-$7 million range, with a ton of incentives.

As far as Garland, the Padres got themselves a huge bargain. For less than $5 million, they get a guaranteed 200 innings. They may not be spectacular innings, but Garland knows what he’s doing out on the mound, and will give his team a good chance to win. There were reports Garland wanted to stay on the West coast, and the Mets, knowing that, never made a serious push for him. Too bad. Perhaps Garland could have been swayed by a couple of more million bucks.

smoltzSo where does that leave the Mets? Barring a big trade (which, as I’ve said repeatedly, I can’t imagine Minaya isn’t working on), reports say the Mets have decided the best alternative may be John Smoltz (left). And that’s a sad commentary on where the Mets are at this point in time. When a nearly 43-year-old pitcher who tormented them for more than a decade when he pitched for their hated rivals is the best alternative, well, that just ain’t good. Smoltz managed just 15 starts last season with the Red Sox (which released him), and the Cardinals, finishing 3-8 with a 6.35 era. What makes the Mets think he’ll do any better when he’s a year older?

So what to do? As far as pitching, I have no idea (barring that mystery trade). What the Mets could do is just finally sign Orlando Hudson. Reports say the Nationals are interested, but only at around $3 million. The Rays are said to be kicking the tires on Hudson. But just like with the Nats, Hudson would have to substantially lower his $9 million asking price. The Mets could obviously outbid either of those teams. If they could get Hudson for, say, $5 million, that bargain price would soften the blow of having Luis Castillo’s $6 million sitting on the bench.

Mets Training mini campOne piece of good news — Johan Santana threw off of a mound in Port St. Lucie on Tuesday (left). He said he felt good, that the elbow from which bone chips were removed did not give him any problems. “I felt pretty good, the ball was coming out pretty good, I feel like I did my mechanics with no problem and I didn’t feel anything in my arm.” The Mets will need a  healthy Santana all season if they have any hope of contending in 2010.

Oliver Perez also threw. But really, who gives a crap?

9 thoughts on “Sheets & Garland Gone; What Now?

  • The Jays could fill several holes for the Mets,

    1b – Overbay
    Cheap starter – Take your pick – Cecil, Richmond, Purcey, Tallet
    Relief – LH/RH -Take your pick – Downs/Fraser/Accardo

    They’d want Tejada / Flores back + Martinez perhaps.

  • The MEts should look to the Jays. Not only do they have too much SP depth, but they are looking to add a SS prospect, which the Mets have in Wilmer Flores or Reese Havens, depending on who the Jays like best. It seems that McGowan may be ready earlier than expected and he has 0 options left, so he’ll squeeze his way into the pen or the rotation. Either way, with Litsch also returning at some point along with Marcum, Morrow being acquired, Zach Jackson also being added, and the changing of Zach Stewart from a reliever to a starter, the Jays have way too much SP.

    I believe a trade can be made in the likes of Shaun Marcum or Ricky Romero, Lyle Overbay, and a prospect such as Darin Mastroianni, in return for 3-4 prospects from the Mets or simply Fernando Martinez and Reese Havens. The Mets would most likely prefer Romero since he’s the healthier of the two, but he would cost more than Marcum. Either way, the Jays have some SP to deal and the Mets have some goods that the Jays are interested in.

    Just a couple of thoughts on your dilemma in NY.

  • You end your post by stating “Oliver Perez also threw, but really, who gives a carp.? Normally I would totally agree. Giving this wack job 36mill over 3 years was a crime and “Ohmass” should be arrested for it. Sadly though, now we are forced to give a crap since they have let all the interesting free agaent obtions go to other teams. God forbid they sign Smoltz to anything other then 8th inn. arm, long relief or (maybe) spot starter, for ONE year max! Barring (as you say) a trade for a starter, which I for one dread because as I suspect with most Mets fan have lost all trust and confidence in the Mets “brain trust” to do anything anymore with intelligence. In a perfect NY Mets world, today…. The best would be for the Wilpons to seel the mets and move to Lla la land to root for the team THEY really love!

  • victo utley

    Hey muts fans i hear there has been a rash of neck injuries from muts fans from staaring up at the phillies in the division for three years lets go muts lets go muts

  • METS WAIT TO LONG TO DO ANYTHING !! WILPON IS A CHEAP B_ _ _ _ _ _! ! ! Yankees have no problem spending 2009 world champions ! Iam a long time since 1962 MET Fan and now live in Boca Raton and even the Marlins made more productive moves than the Mets. Iam seriously looking to totally abandon the Mets and become a Florida Baseball Fan ! ! Iam Embarrassed to even say i am a MET FAN . New York Mets R. I. P. 2010 season is OVER !!

  • I agree some whtat. I say that because if minaya really was looking to make good trades, not the Stokes for Matthews jr. crap that he pulled recently, then it would have been done. Unfortunately, until the Mets turn around, we are truly the laughing stock and over paid for talent team in the NL and pretty close to being that way through out all of baseball. I really like this blog site, I like it way more than Cerrone’s “I don’t want to hurt Omar or any body on the Mets staff feelings”. What a tool that guy is.

  • I see you have some “I wish I played in a market where people knew who I was and actually liked us” Phillies in here.

  • By the way if all of you that like some one who knows what he’s talking about and doesn’t just copy and paste like Cerrone does, check out

  • Omar is losing the fans faith in him, He is doing a good job if The Mets were playing int the 35 and older League
    Bring on a “GM” with some balls!

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