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R.A. Dickey Trade: What’s Taking So Long?

It seems as though the Mets and Blue Jays have agreed to the players in a trade forR.A. Dickey; so what is taking so long?

r.a. dickeyIn case you are just joining us, it appears the deal would send Dickey, Josh Thole and a low level prospect to Toronto for catcher Travis d’Arnaud, backup catcher John Buck, pitching prospect Noah Syndergaard and a low level prospect. d’Arnaud and Syndergaard are considered the first and third rated prospects in the Blue Jays system.

So what’s the hold up? Well, there are medical reports to analyze; Dickey pitched most of his Cy Young award-winning season with an abdominal tear that was repaired by surgery. D’Arnaud’s 2012 season ended with a knee injury.

Then there is money, of course. Toronto would either like to sign R.A. Dickey to an extension or be assured that he would sign one before sending the cream of their minor league crop to the Mets. Also, the Jays are expected to send some money to the Mets to offset some of Buck’s $6 million salary for 2013.

By all accounts, this would be considered a coup for Sandy Alderson if he can pull off this deal. D’Arnaud and Syndergaard are very highly regarded, and many in the baseball world are stunned that the Blue Jays would trade both of them for a 38-yer-old pitcher. However, Toronto is in a “go for it” mode after making that monster trade with the Marlins and sensing weakness among the Yankees and Red Sox.

So we’re going to have to give this some more time, as frustrating as the waiting certainly is.

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