Mike Pelfrey Signs with Twins; Good Riddance

Mike Pelfrey’s reign of terror in Flushing is over — the injured pitcher has reportedly signed with the Twins.

mike pelfrey
Mike Pelfrey’s days with the Mets are mercifully over.

The Mets were said to be interested in signing Pelfrey to a cheap deal so he could continue his rehabilitation from Tommy John surgery with the team, as well as provide depth for the pitching staff.

But somehow, Scott Boras convinced the Twins to give Pelfrey a $4 million deal with $1.5 million in incentives. Man, Boras is a good agent!

Pelfrey’s Mets career can only be called a disappointment. After being selected in the first round of the 2005 draft, Pelfrey only turned in two good seasons; his other three full seasons were just atrocious. Pelfrey looked solid in his three starts before going down in 2012, teasing us once again into believing he had finally “figured it out.”

The Twins expect him to be ready for Opening Day, when they will find out that Mike Pelfrey hasn’t figured out anything at all.

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