Mets Re-Sign Tatis; Smoltz Next?

metsThe Mets have reportedly re-signed Fernando Tatis to be half of a platoon with Daniel Murphy at first base. If this sounds familiar, it should — last year the duo started the season sharing left field. How did that work out?

Tatis actually finished 2009 with respectable numbers: .282, 8 homers and 48 RBIs in 340 at bats. But he grounded into 473 ground plays — all in key spots — in those at bats, and got off to a horrible start when the Mets really needed him.

The New York Post reports the deal will pay Tatis less than the $1.7 million he made last season, but with incentives, he could approach that level. The deal means the Mets career of Carlos Delgado is over. That is probably for the best.

I had to laugh Wednesday when reports said the Mets and Tatis were in “deep negotiations” on a new deal. How “deep” could those negotiations have been? I imagine they went something like this:

Omar Minaya: Hey Fernando, you want to play for us this season?
Tatis: Sure.
Minaya: Okay. Here’s some money.
Tatis: Thanks, amigo.

Is this really the best the Mets could do? A 35-year-old who is clearly on the downside of a career notable only for hitting two grand slams in the same inning, and winning Comeback Player of the Year for the Mets in 2008? Sadly, that answer appears to be yes.

Speaking of sad, Newsday is reporting “increased momentum” on a deal that would bring John Smoltz to Queens. I ask again — is this the best the Mets can do? Having to root for Tom Glavine was bad enough, but at least he had something left. Do we have to watch another former Brave who may well be washed-up?

If Smoltz signs, that’s nearly 80 years worth of living (Smoltz turns 43 in May) on the Mets roster in just two players. I guess Minaya didn’t learn anything from the previous senior signings of Julio Franco, Moises Alou, Aaron Sele, and Orlando Hernandez.

By the way, I am withholding comment on Minaya’s performance this winter until spring training starts because more deals could happen. Please, please, let more deals happen.