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Mets Gets Someone Named Collin Cowgill

Monday night there was a report that the Mets were nearing a trade for an outfielder. Well, Tuesday morning, the Mets acquired an outfielder. But this can’t be the guy to whom the report was referring, can it?

“Please tell me you have something more” Sandy Alderson.

The fellow’s name is Collin Cowgill. Who? Exactly. The Mets got him from the A’s for the equally anonymous Jefry Marte, who is missing at least two letters in his first name.

Cowgill had a couple of good minor league seasons in 2010 and 2011, hitting 16 and 13 home runs, respectively. He also batted .354 in 2011. Last season he split time between the A’s and Triple-A, compiling unimpressive stats. This is also the second time in a year that he’s been traded; the Diamondbacks shipped him to the A’s in a multi-player deal last December. That’s how highly he’s regarded.

Cowgill seems perfectly adequate as a possible fourth outfielder or for minor league depth. But the Mets still need an established starter out there (actually, they need two or three, but that’s besides the point).

As Col. Nathan Jessup might say to fellow Marine Sandy Alderson, “Please tell me you have something more.”

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