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New Year’s Resolution for Mets: Level with Us

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions — I think they are silly, and besides, I never keep them. I don’t know if the Mets make resolutions, but if they do, I would hope that they resolve to finally level with us, the team’s extremely loyal fans, about the real plans for the Mets.

Mets fans remain loyal despite front office lies.

The lies from the Wilpons and Sandy Alderson are many:

— The Madoff scandal will not effect the way we run the team.
— The 2012 payroll will be around $120 million.
— The 2012 payroll will be around $110 million.
— The 2012 payroll will be around $100 million.
— I’m going to go out and get new players.
— We’re not punting on 2013.

It is very clear that the Mets are indeed punting on 2013 because Alderson has not gone out and gotten new players to make the team any better. If Alderson has decided to build for the future and forsake 2013, fine, but just be honest about it.

Just say something like, “We are not even close to winning in 2013. Even if we gut our farm system and acquire impact players, we still don’t have enough to win. Therefore, we are planning for the future.”

We may not be thrilled; after all, who wants to lose? But I think we would accept it. Hell, we all know the Mets are not good enough to win now, that they need to rebuild the organization. Just tell us the truth we already know.

Of course, no such statement will ever come out of the Flushing. That’s because the Wilpons fear fans won’t make repeated trips to Citi Field to see a bunch of losers, and they won’t be able to repay all of their mounting debts.

But I don’t think that would happen. If the Mets gave us an honest assessment of the team, I think we would appreciate it and support it. We would turn out to “See the Mets Champions of Tomorrow Today” or something like that.

It’s a new year — please stop stringing us along. It is very insulting. We love this team, but I don’t think we can put up with the lying for much longer.

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution for Mets: Level with Us

  • A bunch of us (Michael Baron, Ed Ryan, etc.)have been trying to figure out where the team stand re: payroll.

    Our best guess is in the $75-81mil range.

  • Mark – I don’t remember the exact verbage but the Mets ran a PR campaign in the early 80’s that revolved around their youth movement. It was something like – “See the stars of tomorrow at Shea today”. I’m really not sure, but back then they actually had some young kids coming up that could play – Mookie, Ron Gardenhire, Calvin Chapman, Wally (was up and down),Neil Allen and Jeff Reardon (traded for Ellis Valentine, “ugh!”), Orosco, and then the trade for Keith in ’83.
    I think I’m getting my years and personnel all mixed up…. However, my point is that we’ve seen this before…..

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