THE Rankings: Top 5 Mets Second Basemen

Today’s installment of the rankings takes us to second base, where greatness was hard to find. I did manage to leave Luis Castillo off the list, which will please Mets fans everywhere.

1) Edgardo Alfonzo (1995-2002)


Alfonzo played some third for the Mets but really made his name as a second baseman. He was part of the great fielding 1999 infield, and like John Olerud was robbed of a Gold Glove. He was also an excellent hitter, batting .292 with 120 home runs in his Mets career.

2) Felix Millan (1973-1977)


Millan was a solid player with the Mets, helping them to the World Series in 1973. He will be best remembered for the game in which he went four-for-four (all singles), and being erased on four double plays by Joe Torre. He also got into a memorable fight in which Ed Ott of the Pirates basically picked him up and threw him to the ground.

3) Wally Backman (1980-1988)


Backman hit .283 in his time in Flushing and played with a ferocious intensity that endeared him to fans, who still hope for a return to the Mets dugout for Backman as manager. He’s in Triple-A now, but he might still make it back someday.

4) Ron Hunt (1963-1966)


Hunt was second in the Rookie of the Year voting in 1963 and made the All-Star team the following year. I guess he was pretty good.

5) Ken Boswell (1967-1974)


Boswell gets the nod here because there really is no one else. He did play for the Mets for eight seasons, and was on the 1969 and 1973 World Series teams, so that’s worth something.

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Mug Shots courtesy Ultimate Mets Database

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