THE Rankings: Top 5 Mets Right Fielders

We complete the outfield rankings with a trip to right field where I was forced to include one of the most hated players in Mets history.

1) Darryl Strawberry (1983-1990)


Strawberry is one of the best players in team history. He won the Rookie of the Year and was a seven-time All-Star. He still leads the franchise in home runs with 252. He finished second in the MVP voting in 1988 and punched Keith Hernandez in the face.

2) Rusty Staub (1972-1975, 1981-1985)


Staub became the first-ever Met to have more than 100 RBIs in a season in 1975, which earned him a trade to Detroit. Idiots. He played with a broken shoulder in the 1973 World Series. The Mets reacquired the popular Staub late in his career and he became a pinch hitter extraordinaire.

3) Ron Swoboda (1965-1970)


Swoboda will forever be remembered in Mets lore for his amazing catch in the 1969 World Series. He was all right at the plate, hitting 19 home runs in his rookie season, which ended up to be his career high.

4) Bobby Bonilla (1992-1995, 1999)


Sorry guys, but Bonilla actually put up decent numbers in his miserable Mets career. He was reacquired in 1999 for some reason and the Mets will be paying him until after we’re all dead.

5) Joel Youngblood (1977-1982)


There really was no one else. Youngblood was okay. He made the All-Star team in 1981 when he hit .350 in that strike-shortened season. That’s misleading — he only played in 43 games; he played five games after the break and missed the rest of the season with injury.

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Mug Shots courtesy Ultimate Mets Database

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