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Ex-Met Aaron Sele Gets Hall of Fame Vote; Twitter Goes Nuts

Twitter is ablaze Wednesday with outrage over Aaron Sele getting a Hall of Fame vote. The man who finished his career with the Mets in 2007 was able to convince one writer that a 148-112 career record with a 4.61 ERA was Hall worthy.

aaron sele
Former Met Aaron Sele got a Hall of Fame vote.

I don’t know why people are getting in such an uproar. Pretty much every year, there is one player who gets a vote. The lone vote likely comes from a writer who had positive experiences with the player, and just wanted to toss him a bone.

Last year, for example, Eric Young and Javy Lopez each received a vote. The year before that it was Benito Santiago and Bret Boone.

I guess there is more focus on this year’s ballot, and people can’t understand why guys like Mike Piazza and Craig Biggio couldn’t get in, while Sele gets a vote.

Oh well, people have to tweet about something, I guess — why not Aaron Sele’s Hall of Fame vote?

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