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Don’t Get Excited About Mets/Justin Upton Reports

There are reports on Friday that the Mets are looking to reengage the Diamondbacks in talks for Justin Upton. I refuse to get excited about it because it just won’t happen.

justin upton
Mets looking at Justin Upton again?

Upton vetoed a trade to the Mariners on Thursday. Seattle was willing to give up two of its top prospects as well as two young pitchers for Upton. Based on that package, the Mets would have to at least send Zack Wheeler to Arizona, along with other top prospects and probably Jonathon Niese to land Upton.

Judging by Sandy Alderson’s actions (or inaction) over the past two years, it seems very unlikely that he would empty the farm system for anyone. Plus, Justin Upton is due nearly $40 million over the next three years, and I just don’t see the Mets taking on that type of commitment.

The only way Upton and his salary wind up in Queens is if Arizona lowers its demands dramatically. In that case, the Mets would be absolute dimwits not to deal second-tier prospects for the All-Star outfielder. But the Diamondbacks won’t do that; they really don’t need to trade Justin Upton, and they certainly won’t do it for another team’s spare parts.

I’d love to be wrong about this, but we have a better chance seeing Kate Upton in the outfield in Citi Field than Justin Upton. That’s actually not a bad idea…

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