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Video: Worst Report Ever on Citi Field

Apparently the folks at Bleacher Report put together a series of videos called “Know Your Ballpark.” They did one on Citi Field last summer. Now, you’d think a video about Citi Field would have information about, you know, Citi Field. But in a one minute, eight second video, exactly 20 seconds are dedicated to the ballpark they want you to know. They talk more about the neighboring World’s Fair grounds than the stadium.

And obviously no one at Bleacher Report has ever actually been in Citi Field because the video says “there isn’t a bad seat in the house.” I guess they didn’t venture up to the upper deck past first and third bases where you can’t see down the lines from thousands of bad seats.

Check out the worst video ever:

One thought on “Video: Worst Report Ever on Citi Field

  • Kurt Smith

    I’ve seen a few of these videos. They’re pretty much all like this. How does anyone know that there’s no bad seats in the house?

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