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d’Arnaud, Wheeler Among Top 10 MLB Prospects released its list Tuesday night of the top 100 MLB prospects, and the Mets landed two in the top 10 — Travis d’Arnaud and Zack Wheeler.

mlb prospectsd’Arnaud is ranked the sixth best prospect in all of baseball; Wheeler placed eighth. The Mets were the only team with two players in the top 10.

Noah Syndergaard finished 29th. The Mets joined the Mariners as the only teams with three players in the top 30 of MLB prospects.

d’Arnaud and Syndergaard, of course, came over from the Blue Jays in the R.A. Dickey deal. Not a bad haul for a 38-year-old pitcher, albeit one who just won the Cy Young Award. The Mets got Wheeler from the Giants, who surrendered him for two months of Carlos Beltran.

Sandy Alderson’s fate rests on whether these three MLB prospects can deliver on their considerable promise. If they do, he’s a genius. If not, well, not.

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