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Sandy Alderson: More Unbelievable by the Day

Sandy Alderson met with season ticket holders at Citi Field Wednesday night, and it appears the Mets GM continues to spew his lies and nonsense.

sandy alderson
Sandy Alderson: The lies just keep on coming.

report from uses quotes from people who tweeted what Alderson said, so perhaps the statements are not accurate, but I’ll bet they are.

Alderson’s biggest lie is that the decision not to spend a dime this off season was his and his alone.

“The reason we haven’t spent the money is not because of Fred Wilpon,” he said. “It’s because of me.”

If this is true, and it is absolutely not, it means that Alderson has no interest in the Mets winning this season. Think about it — Alderson claims he could have spent money to improve the team, but he simply decided not to.

(In Alderson’s defense, Mets GMs have a history of lying for their boss; Steve Phillips’s famous “24 and one” quote about not pursuing Alex Rodriguez was just a cover for Wilpon, who didn’t want to spend $25 million per year on a player.)

Alderson promised that he will spend money soon.

“Am I going to recommended that we sit here in New York City and function like the Oakland Athletics for the next 10 years? No I’m not… I’m not asking you to believe me until you see some manifestation of that, which I hope is sooner rather than later.”

If Sandy Alderson has free rein as he claims, why does he have to “hope” that it “is sooner rather than later”? Why can’t he just do it?

Alderson has apparently learned his lesson and has stopped spinning bad tales about the anemic outfield.

“I’m not telling any jokes about the outfield. We’ve got lots of guys coming into camp and we’re in the running for a free agent (Michael Bourn?)… I can speculate the outfield won’t be a strength for us this year.”

So the question remains: why didn’t Alderson do anything about the weak outfield? He talks as if his hands were tied, but don’t forget, not spending money was allegedly his idea.

Sandy Alderson talks out of both sides of his mouth, not to mention another part of his body. He just can’t tell the truth.

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