LaTroy Hawkins Signs with Mets

On Wednesday night, Sandy Alderson told season ticket holders that the Mets “will be as deep as we have ever been in the bullpen.” He probably means quantity, not quality, as the Mets continue to bring washed-up veterans into camp, signing 40-year-old LaTroy Hawkins to a minor league deal.

latroy hawkins
LaTroy Hawkins — latest Mets bullpen savior.

LaTroy Hawkins was reasonably effective last season with the Angels, pitching to a 3.64 ERA in 48 games. Still though, how much left can the well-traveled Hawkins (the Mets would be his 10th team)  have in the tank?

The one aspect of Sandy Alderson’s strategy with which I agree is that he is not spending a lot of money on these guys. I was critical of Alderson last off season for spending too much on bullpen help, mostly because the players on whom he lavished the money (Frank Francisco, Jon Rauch and Ramon Ramirez) were not much better than the guys he could have picked up on the scrap heap. There is always mediocre relief pitching available; no reason to spend big on it.

However, it does pay to spend big money on the top-notch relievers — the Mariano Riveras and Jonathan Papelbons of the world. But we know the Mets won’t spend to get those types of pitchers.

Alderson is reportedly looking to sign more relievers. I can’t wait to see who he brings in next.

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