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MLB, Union Talk Mets Draft Pick

There is a report that the players union and MLB have had talks about whether the Mets 11th pick in the June amateur draft should be protected if they sign Michael Bourn.

mets“Inquiring/position nature at this point in time,” a source told about the nature of the talks.

Apparently the talks will remain preliminary in nature until a contract between Bourn and the Mets appears imminent. Right now, there is no indication that the two sides are close to a deal.

Here is a brilliant post explaining the situation.

And there could be more suitors for Bourn’s services. Buried in his Sunday column in the Daily News, Bill Madden casually mentioned that the Cubs have “quietly” began making a run at Bourn. Fox shrimp Ken Rosenthal also mentioned the Cubs interest, but then spoiled it by insisting that the Indians, Rangers and Mariners are also looking into Bourn. For various reasons, none of those clubs will ever sign Bourn.

I still don’t think the Mets will sign Bourn, either. It’s just nice to have some hope that the Mets will have at least one major league outfielder this season, even if it’s only for a little while.

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