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Trade Justin Turner? Why?

There is a report that the Mets could consider trading Justin Turner if there is a roster crunch late in Spring Training. It begs the question: why would they do that?

justin turner
Justin Turner, possible former Met?

The mysterious “source acquainted with the Mets’ plans” told that Turner could be forced out depending on whom the Mets want to carry on the team. There is even a chance Turner could be sent to the minors since he has an option left.

The Mets could decide to go with Brandon Hicks and Omar Quintanilla as backup infielders, and if Marlon Byrd makes the team, he would need to be added to the 40-man roster. Then there are the dozens of relievers Sandy Alderson signed to minor league deals.

This is just stupid. Not only is Justin Turner a key piece of the Mets clubhouse, he also plays all four infield positions and is working out in the outfield. He has come up clutch time and time again for the Mets. There is no reason to choose the beloved for some reason Hicks or Quintanilla over him.

Terry Collins is a huge Justin Turner supporter, so he would likely fight to keep him around. But if the brain trust makes another brilliant move, there is nothing Collins can do.

Of course, getting rid of Turner might eliminate those annoying shaving cream pies to the face, but I’d rather put up with that to keep Turner around.

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