R.A. Who? Mets Erase Dickey from Website

I very rarely read Phil Mushnick’s column in the New York Post; he always takes strange, and in my opinion, wrong stances on virtually every issue. But every now and then there is a headline that entices me and I click on it. I usually regret it.

Friday, though, he pointed out that the Mets seem to think their leader in wins last season was Jonathon Niese with 13. What about that guy who won 20 games and won the Cy Young Award? R.A. Something? Nope, Jonathon Niese.

The front page of the Mets official website has a section with team leaders from 2012. R.A. Dickey has been erased from those lists, so Niese lead the way in wins, strikeouts and ERA. Of course, Dickey led the team in those categories.

r.a. dickey

This is such a bush league move by the Mets. I could kind of, sort of see it if Dickey left the team under difficult circumstances; if he forced a trade or bad mouthed the team or was just a jerk — the Mets would want to excise all mention of him. But that was not the case. R.A. Dickey was happy to stay with the Mets, but the Mets wanted to go in a different direction. Of course they have that right.

But they do not have the right to rewrite history. R.A. Dickey was on the Mets in 2012 and led the team in every pitching category; why not just acknowledge it?

Are they afraid fans will be angry with the Mets for trading him and won’t show up to Citi Field, thus costing the team money? That is the only rational reason, and it’s not very rational at all.

It’s just another example of the Mets handling a situation extremely poorly. It really is getting harder and harder to be a Mets fan.


The Mets have solved the problem by replacing “2012 Leaders” with “2013 Spring Leaders.” But my screenshot will live forever.

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