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Now Shaun Marcum has Neck Injury

First it was an alleged “shoulder impingement,” now Shaun Marcum reportedly has a neck injury that could keep him out of the Mets starting rotation.

Shaun Marcum
Shaun Marcum: latest in a line of fragile Mets starters.

The Daily News reports that Marcum complained of neck discomfort during a bullpen session Monday ahead of a final tuneup start. The Mets announced on Tuesday that he will not make that start and instead will see a doctor today. Whether he will be able to pitch the second game of the regular season is in question.

“That’s fair to say,” a source told the newspaper.

Maybe we are learning why the 31-year-old Shaun Marcum, a seemingly quality starter, lasted so long on the free agent market this winter and why the Mets were able to land him for the reasonably low base price of $4 million.

The Mets are in really big trouble if Marcum cannot start the season in the rotation. Jeremy Hefner is already filling in for Johan Santana, and the Mets do not seem ready or willing to promote Zack Wheeler despite virtually everyone saying that Wheeler is ready to dominate in the majors right now. Jeurys Familia is the most appealing option remaining, followed perhaps by Collin McHugh or Aaron Laffey.

There are rumblings about former Met Chris Young. A scout for the Mets was among a handful of representatives from other teams watching him pitch Monday night. Young opted out of his minor league deal with the Nationals after the start and is now a free agent again. Just what the Mets need — another fragile starter.

I don’t know what it is about the Mets. Are the Mets doctors, already under fire for  history of misdiagnosing injuries, missing things during physicals? Or maybe the doctors are fine and the Mets are just cursed. Yeah, let’s go with that.

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