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Mets Giving Away Tickets this Weekend!

The Mets have only played one game this season, and ticket sales are apparently already so bad that the Mets are giving away tickets for this weekend’s games against the Marlins.

Click here to see the incredible offer. Just in case the offer is pulled, here is a screen grab to prove it.


This is absolutely unbelievable. Who has ever heard of a team giving away tickets on its opening weekend? I know they are playing the lowly Marlins, but the Mets should still be able to sell enough tickets without giving them away. But apparently they cannot.

I guess the Mets figured they might as well give tickets away rather than suffering the embarrassment of having 15,000 people in the stands. They’ll also make plenty of money off of overpriced parking and food.

The Wilpons have said that they need people to show up at games in order to raise enough revenue to spend money on players. So this will be the excuse when the Mets have a $50 million payroll next season.

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