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Another Poor Mets Bullpen

The Mets bullpen collapsed yet again Tuesday night; it seems we’ve been saying that repeatedly for year the past few years. Sandy Alderson has rebuilt the bullpen in each of his three off seasons at the helm of the Mets, and he just can’t seem to get it right. With this latest failure, his abilities as a talent evaluator must be called into question.

Here are the relievers Alderson has acquired and have made the Opening Day Mets bullpen from 2011-2013 (* denotes current players, so their categorizations could change as the season progresses).


Jason Isringhausen
Tim Byrdak
Scott Atchison*
Scott Rice*
Brandon Lyon*


Pedro Beato
D.J. Carrasco
Taylor Buchholz
Blaine Boyer
Frank Francisco
Ramon Ramirez
Jon Rauch
LaTroy Hawkins*
Greg Burke*

This season seems to be shaping up well — so far three of the five new relievers are doing well (although Lyon was terrible Tuesday. Let’s hope that is an aberration rather than the beginning of the end). If things hold up, this would be Alderson’s best year. In 2011, he managed to uncover two quality arms. Last season? Zero.

Look at the Mets bullpen history — D.J. Carrasco (on a two-year deal, no less)? Frank Francisco (the biggest free agent contract Alderson has handed out)? Ramon Ramirez and Jon Rauch (expensive flops)?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it is difficult to build a bullpen; by nature, middle relievers are mediocre pitchers. But every off season there are hordes of these types of inexpensive pitchers out there, yet somehow Alderson seems to constantly pick the wrong ones for the Mets bullpen. Many other GMs make the right choices, just not Alderson. It would appear that Sandy Alderson and the geniuses with whom he has surrounded himself have absolutely no ability to judge pitching.

When will the media hold him accountable?

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