Video: Jordany Valdespin Takes Creamy Load to Face

Sorry for the provocative title — I couldn’t resist. After his game-winning grand slam Wednesday night, Jordany Valdespin was hit with the annoying, obligatory shaving cream pie to the face during his post game interview. But this facial was particularly messy (very sorry again).

John Buck took a towel filled with shaving cream and basically punched Jordany Valdespin in the face with it. I was surprised that Valdespin did not emerge with a bloody nose.

“He hit a good hard shot, he deserved a good hard pie,” Buck said. “I promised him next time I’d go a little softer.”

It kind of reminded me of a time years ago when Ramon Castro got a game-winning hit. While the team mobbed him, Cliff Floyd patted Castro on the top of his helmet. Well, “patted” is mild — Floyd slammed his powerful hand down on his head several times. Castro removed his helmet and glared at Floyd, looking as if he was about to go after his teammate. The camera then cut away, but we can assume there was no fight.

Anyway, check out the video. And drop me a line if you can make out what Jordany Valdespin is saying!

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