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“Crap” Josh Edgin Sent to Binghamton

Josh Edgin has been demoted to Double-A Binghamton to make room for Shaun Marcum, who makes his first start for the Mets on Saturday.

josh edgin
Josh Edgin demoted to Double-A.

Edgin, who was counted on for stability out of the bullpen, instead has pitched to a 9.64 ERA thus far this season. The lefty says he understands the move.

“I was throwing like crap,” Edgin said according to “Obviously all the guys that are throwing well, I wouldn’t want to see them go. Even though I am throwing like crap, I don’t think they want to see me go. And I’m throwing like crap. I’m going to go down and get things fixed and I’ll be back here.”

The Mets say the decision to send him to Double-A rather than than Triple-A has more to do with location than Josh Edgin’s pitching ability.

“It’s not that there’s something wrong with his arm. It’s that, right now, when you start struggling for the first time in your career, it gets in your head,” Terry Collins said. “The worst place you can send a pitcher who is struggling mentally is to Las Vegas, or to Colorado Springs, or to Albuquerque — one of those places where you make a good pitch and the guy hits a two-run double. So I just said, ‘Go to Binghamton. You know what? You’re close. You’re going to get your confidence back.'”

Josh Edgin is a good young talent who will be back… hopefully.

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