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Mets Draft L.J. Mazzilli, Son of Lee

I don’t usually write about the amateur draft; I have no idea who any of these guys are, so there is no way for me to know whether the Mets are making good picks. However the Mets made one notable pick in the fourth round on Friday — L.J. Mazzilli, the son of former Mets heartthrob Lee Mazzilli.

l.j. mazzilli
Mets draft L.J. Mazzilli in 4th round of amateur draft.

L.J. is a second baseman out of UConn. The Twins picked him in the ninth round last year, but he went back to school to improve his standing, and it apparently worked. He hit .354 with six home runs and 51 RBIs to go along with 29 stolen bases in 63 games. The senior led UConn to the Big East title.

The 22-year-old L.J. is too young to remember his dad’s playing days in Flushing, but Lee Mazzilli was the only thing for which to root during the mid-1970s when the Mets fielded some of the worst teams in their history. The Brooklyn native was traded away, but came back to be a part of the 1986 World Series champions.

In any case, the scouting reports on L.J. are generally positive — they say he won’t hit for much power but will likely hit for a high average. They like his speed and defense, and they say that L.J. Mazzilli has a definite shot at making the big leagues.


One thought on “Mets Draft L.J. Mazzilli, Son of Lee

  • Maz wasn’t a huge star but played like one. Hope this guy makes it because it would be a nice feel good story to bring back a legendary Mets name.

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