THE List: Top 10 2013 Mets Moments

Harvey vs. Strasburg — 4/19/13


Matt Harvey was 3-0 with a 0.82 ERA going into his duel with Stephen Strasburg, so Mets fans already knew Harvey was something special. But this was his coming out party for the rest of the nation. Harvey responded by allowing one run over seven innings and easily besting Strasburg.

Harvey one-hitter — 5/7/13

matt harvey

A couple of weeks after the Strasburg game, Harvey pitched the greatest game of his young career. After starting the game with a bloody nose, Harvey finished by allowing just one hit over nine shutout innings. In typical fashion, the Mets were also held scoreless, finally winning the game in the 10th after Harvey was gone.

Mets Sweep Yankees — 5/27/13-5/30/13

Game on!

Instead of the usual two three-game series with the Yankees, the Mets and the Bombers played back-to-back, home-and-home two game sets for the first time in interleague play. The Mets swept all four games.

20-Inning Game — 6/8/13


The Mets and Marlins labored through 20 innings at Citi Field, a six and a half hour snoozefest that the Marlins eventually won.

“Decline of Western Civilization”  — 6/16/13


The Mets threw the ball around like a bunch of little leaguers in the fifth inning of the game against the Cubs, giving them two runs as the Cubs took a 3-0 lead into the bottom of the ninth. But all talk of Mets incompetence was silenced when they scored four runs, topped off by a game-winning three-run homer by Kirk Nieuwenhuis. The Mets went nuts, prompting Bob Costas to famously remark that the celebration for a meaningless game is “another indication of the ongoing decline of Western Civilization.”

Wheeler-Harvey Doubleheader — 6/18/13


Zack Wheeler made his long-awaited major league debut in the second game of a double header in Atlanta. Knowing full well that was all anybody would be talking about the next day, game one starter Matt Harvey made sure his name would pop up as well. He took a no-hitter into the seventh inning on his way to the win. Oh, Wheeler threw six scoreless innings and won his game, too. 

Harvey Starts All-Star Game — 7/16/13


Mets fans couldn’t wait for the team to host just their second All-Star game ever. It was extra exciting when Matt Harvey was chosen to start the game for the National League. He went two innings and also hit a Yankee (Robinson Cano).

Harvey Needs Tommy John Surgery –8/24/13


Those same Mets fans were absolutely stunned when it was announced that Harvey would likely need Tommy John surgery. He eventually had it in October, forcing him to miss all of 2014.

Wright Homers in First At-Bat Back — 9/20/13

david wright

David Wright missed seven weeks with a hamstring injury, and when he finally came back in late September, he homered in his first at-bat, telling everyone he was just fine.

Winter Meetings — 12/9/13-12/12/13

curtis granderson

These were the best Winter Meetings for the Mets in recent memory. They introduced Curtis Granderson, whom they signed the previous week, and the Mets surprised everyone by signing Bartolo Colon. Finally, the Mets spent some cash.

4 thoughts on “THE List: Top 10 2013 Mets Moments

  • Kirk

    Signing Colon Was a Joke! and “Finally, the Mets spend some cash.” Really?! They Need to Spend a Hell of alot more!!!!

  • stephen

    Shaddup, Kirk.

  • mark tamlen

    Look at Colon’s #s. If you think signing him was a joke after that then you are a joke.

  • Linden

    How is the 20 inning game a top moment? I remember that game, it doesn’t belong on this list even if the Mets won it. To be fair though I remember being really glad the marlins won because at least it was over. It was definitely some kind of moment, obviously worth remembering, but certainly not “top”

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