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David Wright Extends Lead in All-Star Voting

all-star votingDavid Wright has extended his lead over Pablo Sandoval in All-Star voting for starting third baseman, although it appears the Mets do not want you to know that.

After leading by about 160,000 votes last week, Wright now leads by nearly 850,000 votes. That’s a sizable increase, but it doesn’t mean we should stop voting. Remember, Wright had a comfortable lead over Sandoval last year, only to lose in the final week.

On Tuesday the Mets sent an email with the latest news, but titled it “All-Star Alert: Wright Holds Narrow Lead.” The story gives Wright’s vote total (4,452,282), but does not give Sandoval’s or tell by how much Wright is leading. I think the Mets fear people will see the increased lead and stop voting. It is understandable, but it is also an incomplete and misleading. But then again, when have the Mets ever misled their fans?

In any case, All-Star voting ends at 11:59 pm on Thursday. So keep voting and make sure we are not embarrassed by having Wright beaten out for a second straight year and not starting the game at Citi Field.

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