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Mets DFA Brandon Lyon

Chalk about another failed reliever to Sandy Alderson’s legacy — the Mets designated Brandon Lyon for assignment after his latest flop.

brandon lyon
So long, Brandon Lyon.

Lyon allowed a run in the 14th inning against the Diamondbacks on Thursday. He had allowed 10 runs in his past eight outings, including six against the Nationals on Sunday.

Lyon actually started out the season pitching pretty well and looked like he would be the rare success in Alderson’s revolving door of relievers. But then he faltered, finishing his Mets career with a record of 2-2, an ERA of 4.98 and three blown saves.

Brandon Lyon was one of just two players to whom Alderson gave a major league contract ($750,000) during the off season. Shaun Marcum was the other. Man, Alderson is clueless!

Greg Burke has been recalled to take his place.

2 thoughts on “Mets DFA Brandon Lyon

  • ENOUGH ALREADY! Mr. Genius who would you have picked up in the off-season!? I am sick of you ripping Alderson. You sound like one of these whiney kids I teach who want instant gratification with everything. We all knew going into this season that they were going to suck. It takes time to turn a franchise around especially one run by the Wilpons. If you need to point fingers go after Hefty Wilpons – the most despised person in the Mets organization.

  • BloggingMets

    JJ, I thought we were friends!

    I don’t know whom I would have picked up this off-season, but you know what? — it is not my job to make those decisions. Alderson is being paid for his alleged ability to find hidden value in players and time after time he picks the wrong players. His track record with relievers is especially abysmal. His rare finds (Byrdak, Byrd — actually, only players with “Byrd” in their names!) do not counterbalance all of his duds (Marcum, Cowgill, Carrasco, Emaus, etc. etc. etc.).

    Yes, it is difficult to turn a franchise around. But most teams in turnaround make incremental improvements and pick up pieces of the future as they go. The Mets have been getting steadily worse and Alderson has only found two future pieces (Wheeler and d’Arnaud). Two good trades do not make him a good GM.

    I also just don’t like the way Alderson operates, the way he consistently lies to fans and not letting us know his plan for the future, if he even has one.

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