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David Wright, Matt Harvey All-Stars

David Wright and Matt Harvey will represent the Mets as they host the All-Star Game at Citi Field.

All-Star teammates David Wright & Matt Harvey.

Wright won the vote as the starting third baseman, besting Pablo Sandoval amid a nervous ad campaign by the Mets, fearful that they would not have an All-Star starter in their own house. It is Wright’s seventh All-Star selection in his 10-year career, including five starts. Not bad at all.

Harvey will vie for the starting pitching nod. Considering the game is being played at Citi Field, the spot is likely Harvey’s to lose in his next start.

There was some speculation that Bobby Parnell could make the team. That talk was nonsense — he does not have close to the statistics that the relievers picked for the game have.

So the Mets will have to live with two all stars — not bad for a team this lousy!

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