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Why is Shaun Marcum Allowed to Pitch?

Explain to me again why Shaun Marcum is still in a New York Mets uniform? Marcum is now 1-10 with a 5.29 ERA after his latest stinker Saturday night, allowing six runs (one unearned) in five innings against the Brewers.

shaun marcum
Shaun Marcum needs to go.

There is a chance he is pitching hurt. Marcum had an MRI on his back last week after complaining of discomfort. The MRI came up clean and Marcum was allowed back on the mound, still feeling the same numbness, tingling and “cold hand” he had before.

“I felt stiff, but like I told Terry (Collins), I felt like I was good enough to continue,” Marcum told the New York Post after the game. “If something comes up, we’ve got to figure out what it is. But I’m going to try and throw through it and do whatever I can to help these guys.”

The problem is, he is doing nothing to help these guys. If Shaun Marcum is hurt, put him on the disabled list. If he is not, release him. It’s that simple.

But the ever optimistic Collins doesn’t see it that way. He thinks Marcum is actually pitching well.

“He’s had some pretty good games, and recently,” Collins said. “Even (Monday) he pitched pretty good when his back started to get stiff on him, but I think tonight was a tough night for him pitching back here (in Milwaukee, where he used to play).”

My guess is that Marcum lands on the DL very soon. If he really is not hurt and this is the best a healthy Shaun Marcum can pitch, God help us all.

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